Known International Scammers and how they operate

Most scammers either come from India and Nigeria due to how cheap it is to operate a scam call center. For the most part, they all request or demand that you purchase gift cards. Here are a few Over-Seas Scam Call Centers that are out there and how they operate:

Social Security Administration Scam:

You would receive a voicemail that says that you have committed some kind of a crime or that your social security number has been suspended. To reverse the social security number suspension, they will request you to purchase “government approved” monetary items such as gift cards.

Tech Support Scams:

Tech Support Scammers or Microsoft Windows Support Scammers are somewhat sophisticated. You would receive a Pop-Up like this:

You would call that number and the agent or scammer on the other line would tell you that you have a virus. He or She would then remotely connect to your computer, fumble around on it and then demand you pay him hundreds of dollars for support. Here is an example from one of our Hacker / Security Professional Friends trolling and destroying a scammers computer as well as how the scammer operates:

Amazon and Other Refund Scammers:

Amazon Refund or Microsoft or some other IT Company Refund Scammers also have a sophisticated way in scamming people. They will claim that they over paid you, request that the have to send you money back by connecting to your computer. Once they connect to your computer they ask you to login to your bank account. Once logged in, they manipulate the numbers of your available balance using a browser tool and make it look like they over deposited thousands of dollars into your account. Once they pretend to panic, they beg you to pay back the difference in Gift Cards.

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