Business VoIP

Your business deserves nothing less than the best when it comes to the technology deployed. This is the age of technological advancements in which all chores can be done from any corner of the world simply with the flick of a finger. Our Business Voice over IP services strives toward freeing you from the confines of your phone lines. Placing VoIP calls can be done from the comfort of your desktop or cellphone, while the notification received by the person on the other end will always be of your business. Easy to set up and with a user-friendly system, the installation will not take long as preconfigured phones will be used to help you stay connected with your current service.

There will be various other features, such as document sharing, unlimited calls to specific areas, call recording, unlimited business texts, team messaging, and internet fax. These features will increase depending on the plan you pick. For ease of the clients, various cost-effective and budget-friendly steps will be taken to ensure a smooth transition. Whether it is collaborating with your team, having an auto-attendant to greet your callers, or CRM integrations, we have just the solutions ready for you.