Asterisk & FreePBX Consulting

Gradually, migrating to IP-based communication systems is the answer to attain maximum efficiency out of business operations. We provide various Asterisk Server consulting services that are affordable and compatible with your business. If you like, we can take the steering wheel and do it all from you right from start to end. The design, installation, and configuration of Asterisk servers will be tackled. Whatever the size of your business is, customized plans can be designed for you. We will be working with you to provide you with an extension if there is a need to work from home.

Moreover, CRM integration, maintenance plans, low-cost calls of an unlimited amount for long distances, call recording, and the setup-up of IP phones in homes and offices can be handled as well. There are tons of features to our solutions, each designed to provide you with full control over your business dealings through technology. Under our personalized attention, each client can opt for setup assistance, PBX implementation plan, telecommunication cost audit, security audit, and recommendations from experts about hardware and software. We offer various packages and offers to help at competitive prices to help you attain success.